The North west neonatal operational delivery network

The North West Neonatal Operational Delivery Network (NWNODN) works in partnership with families and healthcare professionals delivering neonatal care across the north west, helping each clinical setting to achieve the highest standard of care possible.

Each year over 8,000 babies are admitted to one of the twenty-two neonatal units within the NWNODN, which include two neonatal surgical centres and two cardiac centres, all served by a dedicated 24/7 neonatal transport team (Connect NW).

The Purpose of the NWNODN:

  • Ensure effective clinical flows through the provider system
  • Facilitate system-wide collaboration
  • Improve multi-professional, cross-organisational engagement
  • Develop consistent guidance and service standards to ensure a consistent patient and family experience
  • Focus on quality assurance
  • Capacity planning
  • Activity and quality monitoring

Success of the NWNODN has been to ensure:

  • Better access to and from services at the right time
  • Improved operational consistency
  • Better outcomes for patients
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater collaboration between providers in a pathway
  • Robust governance arrangements

ODNs are focused on coordinating patient pathways between providers over a wide area to ensure access to specialist resources and expertise.

The Neonatal Network aims to provide high quality neonatal care to babies and their families, in a unit able to provide the care required, as close to home as possible.

For further information on the NWNODN please visit their website

For further information on Operational Delivery Networks please visit NHS Englands website about Operational Delivery Networks.